Mediation and Dispute Resolution

As a famous philosopher said, “No matter how thin you slice it there will always be two sides”.  An agreement or mediation is often the resolution of a dispute and the two are simply different aspects of personal and business behaviour.

Over recent years, it has become apparent that the adversarial system our courts work under, where two parties present their side to an impartial third party to decide who is in the right, is not working for those it is meant for.  An alternative dispute resolution process can offer much more, whether it be on the basis of self-help such as the Disputes Tribunal or for disputes over larger issues or sums using the increasingly popular tools of mediation, arbitration and expert assessment – all of which often offer a more timely and cost-effective solution than litigation.

Our specialist team includes lawyers trained in mediation, members of LEADR (lawyers engaged in alternative dispute resolution and partners who have attended Harvard Law School mediation courses). We apply this training, (and our years of litigation experience involving case settlement) to resolve your dispute without going to court.

Our mediation and dispute resolution services include:

  • Problem analysis and weighing alternatives
  • Finding common sense solutions
  • Negotiating outside or within any formal disputes resolution process
  • Assisting you in preparing for Disputes Tribunal hearings
  • Acting for a party in an arbitration or mediation
  • Acting as an arbitrator or mediator

Where agreement cannot be reached and formal litigation is in your best personal and commercial interests, we will act strongly to protect you.


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