Disputes are an inevitable part of life – it is how you deal with them that counts.

Our first step is an honest appraisal of the facts of the situation.  Our second step is straight-talking:  clear advice given by us to you on your best options.

They could be an informal negotiated settlement.

They could be a structured mediation or arbitration (as part of our disputes resolution services) or the use of an appropriate tribunal.

However, there could be no option other than to commence litigation for an immediate remedy or for damages or for other relief in the relevant court.

For each option, we will take a measured or aggressive approach as appropriate and will keep you up to date with the cost of a dispute. Most disputes are settled, but an acceptable settlement depends on preparation and a clear understanding of the facts and issues.

We care about the disputes our clients face and recognise the mental and physical stresses of litigation and their direct and indirect financial costs.  We also work hard to achieve the best solution for each by assisting clients to their goal, weighing up the means available and the cost of various alternatives.

In many cases, we can apply our experience towards your dispute without going to Court. If negotiation, mediation, arbitration or settlement is appropriate, we explore these opportunities without compromising your ultimate objective.

But if these options are impossible, inappropriate or not tactically ideal, we can offer services in the District Court and High Court and in specialised tribunals or courts such as the Weathertight Homes Tribunal, the Employment Court and Employment Relations Authority and the Environment Court as well as advising on appearances in the Disputes Tribunal.

Our litigation services overlap with our Family Law, Disputes Resolution, Commercial and Business and Land service lines and include:

  • Debt collection, insolvency and corporate compromises
  • Guarantees and lending disputes
  • Land disputes
  • Construction and building disputes
  • Family, estate and trust disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Leaky homes disputes
  • Commercial, civil and criminal litigation from District Court to Court of Appeal level
  • Resource management and local government disputes
  • Trading disputes (Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, Sale of Goods Act)
  • Restrictive trade practices (Commerce Act) disputes
  • Receivership, insolvency and liquidations
  • Privacy Act, and defamation disputes
  • Professional negligence and insurance disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
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