Appeals, Requests for Reconsideration and Other Legal Matters

Requests for Reconsideration and dealing with Immigration New Zealand is not always straight forward. Occasionally, an application will produce potentially prejudicial information or be declined for no apparent reason. You may not qualify for residence but you may believe your unique situation means you have good enough reasons as to why an exception should be made. Sometimes, immigration policy does not seem to make sense and needs clarification before you can submit an application. Decisions of appeal authorities may not be correctly decided.

As lawyers, Wynyard Wood have the specialist legal knowledge and expertise to act for you on any legal issues such as:

  • Requests for Reconsideration of Declined Visa Applications
    Declined applications for visas may be reconsidered at any time while the applicant remains on a valid visa. While not legally obliged to reconsider declined applications for temporary visas, Immigration New Zealand may do so in cases where new and compelling information is promptly provided.
  • Appeals
    Legal representation is essential in appeals to the various statutory immigration tribunals. It is very important to seek legal advice urgently, given the very limited time frames for lodging the appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT). The IPT is an independent body established to hear appeals in relation to:

    • residence class visas
    • deportation (including appeals on the facts and humanitarian grounds)
    • claims to be recognised as a refugee or as a protected person
  • Judicial Review Proceedings in the High Court
    On a question of law from a declined application or appeal – contact us to discuss this further.
  • Requests for Permits Pursuant to Section 35A of the Immigration Act 1987
    Where a person is in New Zealand without a permit, is not subject to a deportation order or removal and can present good reasons as to why a temporary permit should be granted.
  • Special Direction Requests to the Minister of Immigration
    Citing individual circumstances where all other avenues of appeal have been exhausted.
  • Requests for Medical or Character Waivers
    Applications must not be declined automatically on character or medical grounds. Waivers for both are available in a variety of circumstances.
  • Official Information Act and Privacy Act Information Requests
    To obtain a copy of all information held by the New Zealand Immigration Service to assist in preparation of appeals and other issues.
  • Special Requests to the Minister of Internal Affairs for Citizenship Matters
    In cases where a person may not qualify for citizenship if standard procedure was applied.

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