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Commercial Law knowledge is key when it comes to protecting your assets and business interests, whether you are a small family-run business, a rapidly growing start-up or a large firm. Whilst a family-run business may not require as many policies and protections as a firm that employs 200+ staff, seeking advice and representation from a commercial lawyer will ensure that the business is protected and kept out of potential family disputes and financial issues.

Our commercial law offices offer the services of a Commercial Lawyer who can assist with the following issues:

  • Starting up a Business What can we help with? What can you do yourself to make a cost-effective entry into the commercial world? Bank borrowing, personal guarantees, terms of trade and protection of intellectual property are essential issues. How can you protect assets against creditors? What are your plans for the future and your family and the ultimate destination of the business? Seeking the counsel with a commercial lawyer will allow you to make the right decisions for your business.

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Lawyer When Setting Up a Business

  • Foreign Investment and Immigration This is an important part of our practice. Investment into New Zealand requires local knowledge and an understanding of the New Zealand regulatory environment including Overseas Investment Office requirements for land, large investments and fishing quota. We can also handle visas for newly immigrated workers.
  • Trade Conditions & Negotiations The legal environment in which goods and services are sold changes frequently, particularly in the areas of consumer protection and consumer finance. You will need to seek the advice of a commercial lawyer who is knowledgeable in these areas, and also more widely, in relation to the Trans-Tasman enforcement of legal proceedings, privacy issues, competition law and GST.
  • Employment Relations No business can grow without expanding its workforce. Recruitment, retention and restructuring are key issues along with the ownership of intellectual property and restraints of trade. A commercial lawyer can also deal with employment policies and employment disputes, either through mediation or litigation, and can provide the advice needed to navigate through increasing standards for health and safety in New Zealand.
  • Land & Property Issues Correct management and protection of land and property rights for your business is crucial.   Whatever your business venture, we can provide advice on lease contracts, property laws and liability issues.
  • Company Structuring & Incorporation We can provide advice and assistance on your business’ legal structure and surrounding documentation as well as the risks and opportunities created by ownership changes caused by death, disability or dispute.
  • Business Channels The depth and breadth of a business is enhanced by licences in or out of the business, distribution arrangements (both traditional and using the internet) and franchising or other relational contracts.
  • Financial Issues Protection of a business’ finances is a key aim of commercial law. We can help with all borrowing and tax matters.
  • Business Acquisition and Deposition Changes in ownership and control can involve joint ventures, partnerships or amalgamations, as well as internal restructuring. Preventative and protective measures may involve offers of securities to the public, whether through the NZX, other exchanges, the creation of employee incentive or share option schemes. As well as assistance with these negotiations, we recommend employing the services of a commercial lawyer for advice on issues regarding tax and other debt, corporate compromises with creditors, insolvency and other issues for owners and directors as well as for the business itself – receivership, voluntary administration and liquidation.

We provide advice and guidance on all these aspects of commercial law and more through our commercial, employment, disputes resolution and litigation, commercial property and private client teams. We work together to provide you with solutions and results.  Our clients range from individuals and families to emerging businesses and large companies trading internationally.

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